Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thru Day 181

Tape and Bed well underway, trim carpenter begins next week.
Stucco is painted; scaffolding has to remain up a bit longer so the screen & screen framing can be installed around the second story balcony.

Interesting how the sunlight travels across the room through the clerestory windows.
Shape of the "walk through" shower coming to life.
Ready for the scaffolding to come down and landscaping to begin.
The stucco columns have been fabricated. Now to decide what color they should be...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thru Day 168

Day 168 - Drywall well underway. The progress and change of trades are so inspiring - its nice to  leave the world of "guts" to the world of finishes. At the last minute I remembered the signal wiring for the programmable LED fixtures planned for the house. The effort to specify, as a DIYer, programmable, color changing LED lighting was crazy. I finally found ElementalLED (thanks to Bret Rood) out of Emeryville, CA who made this sub-project possible. Anyway, since I had my parts and was confident in the wiring schematic I forgot to advise the electrician of the required signal wiring. Quick trip to the electrical supply house and I had the wires placed just before the drywall team was placing the ceiling. It was now or never, since this house does not have an attic.
Day 168 - The overexposed part of the third image in this post is from the 52 linear feet of clerestory windows, which illuminate the central open living space and stairwell. This ceiling will be finished with clear pine.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thru Day 165

Day 165 - PROGRESS! Stucco is primed & paint will be applied this week.
Day 165 - PROGRESS! Drywall is onsite and the laborers are scheduled to arrive Wednesday for what is estimated to be a 5 - 6 day job (drywall, tape & bed, and primed). Interior trim up next!!!

Meet Paul, my UBuildIt Consultant. UBuildIt is a unique residential construction model where the homeowner is the project manager, site superintendent, and has many GC functions. Essentially UBuildIt provides the sub network, the bank interface and consulting/expertise as needed. The Houston Franchise is owned by Mark Jeffrey, who also owns Jeffrey Harrington Homes, a custom homebuilding company. For those willing to give it the time and take on the learning, this approach works. The Houston UBuildIt team resources are top notch - thanks to Paul, Annette and Mark for all the expertise, mentoring and patience along the way!
Update on the indoor outdoor fireplace wall. Ready for butt glass, paint and tile. What an odyssey; if you've not been following, and as I've said before here, this is an exercise in the complexity of making something look simple.
Day 161 - The insulation contractor applying Icynene (open cell) insulation in walls.
Day 162 - Closed cell foam insulation for the refrigerated wine closet.

I had to include a pic of this beam hanger...76 nails.

The time must be ready to have drywall installed...the "rough-in punch list" essentially has everything lined out. Whatever has been forgotten will have to be chalked up to an oversite or honest mistake and i'll have to deal with it later. 

Master Bath framing detail is finally complete. Soaking tub framing is flush with window and the shower's rigid "half" wall are finally to my expectations (three framing subs on that half wall to get it rigid BTW...).

I made an error on the selection of the sink and faucet for the powder bath; the motion sensor faucet mounts above countertop as does the Kohler Vox sink so unless I resolved the height problem they weren't compatible (wave your hands all you want but the faucet won't see you). Driven to not spend an extra dime (unless I can't resolve it through design - or long fought resignation) I created this sink cabinet for the master bath that somewhat mimics the design language of the bath's Kohler toilet).

Installed a 22 foot long flexible track for the Master Bedroom's window drape with three 90 degree curves. It will be recessed into the sheetrock to provide a clean look and not distract from the 159" x 109" RAM Industries window. 

These two pics represent another (!!!) learning on the fly subject. There were several opinions regarding how these two areas (above the flat roof) should be finished. Candidates for the inside of the fireplace wall and the clerestory surround included metal, Hardie Board and Stucco. After delay and a flip flop, stucco won out and I'm very happy - and at peace - especially after this summer's heavy (virtual hurricane level) rainfalls.