Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 218

Backyard water feature now being installed.
In this picture almost everything is complete - well, except for the bath fan vent cap and cleaning the windows :) - The  original point of the pic is to show the gutters are done!
Note the screen porch framing is installed AND the dumpster is gone!
Some appliances (the heavy ones and those needed for fit check) have been delivered,  a bit earlier than usual but so as to get them upstairs before the stairway treads are installed. Kitchen cabinets done also!
Final finish to the screened porch floor.

Fence, storm drains and "flatwork" (6" and 4" thick concrete such as driveway, sidewalks, extra parking and part of the ground level patio).
Master Bath tile is almost complete; all other tile work is complete.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 201

Shop built cabinets delivered today, installation set for tomorrow morning. The brown units will be wall color, the grey units need to be protected immediately from the drywall sanding that is about to occur. This is not the preferred sequence, but sometimes work-arounds are required to stay on schedule.
The clerestory windows; view to the east with the sunlight coming from the western sunset. Notice that the bottom of the window frame is not visible. Looking back, I hate to think about the amount of time spent to assure a viewer could not see the bottom of the clerestory windows. Sweating (and belaboring) details to the nth degree. 
The (soon to be screened) balcony just before sunset, the screen's framing is in place. The only scaffolding remaining around the house is here in front. The screen will be placed after the cosmetic coat is applied to the floor and the city-required railing is installed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thru Day 200

All sorts of activities: Scaffolding down; drywall complete; landscape drains installed. Tile, trim, cabinets and front balcony screen framing underway. Ever since the beginning of the project the most frequent question has been, "what does the contractor give you as the move-in date?" Well, being the GC myself, I've deflected the question. At one point I was optimistic that it could be a seven month project until move-in. Today I'm managing to a daily calendar hoping for about an eight month project. I'm not ready to throw a date out yet, but soon enough I will.
Storage unit full of fixtures; everything ordered via the web including tubs & toilets.
Latest shipment of electrical fixtures.
Master bath - doors hung, vanity complete, tile underway.