Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thru Day 89 - (Wednesday May 23)

Day 89 - The sample collection grows and grows and grows...(decisions, decisions, decisions...).

Day 87 - Checking recessed halogen light interferences with trusses and ductwork; obviously a bit of a revision for the electrical drawing! Thank goodness for Bluebeam software, able to create my own edits to the architectural drawing set.

Day 87 - Yes that's a chainsaw. Have encountered many surprises but perhaps the fireplace crew pulling out a chainsaw and tearing into the cladding was one of the most unexpected activities to date. Suppose that's consistent with the term "rough in."
Day 87 - Stainless steel fireplace (outdoor) ready for install. It's going to be a late dinner; crew arrived at 7:10 PM ready to work.

Day 87 - HVAC rough-in nearly complete although this duct routing isn't going to cut it. Would require a fir down lower than the door height. DUH...

Day 84 - Air handlers being installed. Note the primitive heating element for the rare record low Houston ice days when a heat pump system can't quite do the job.

Day 84 - Checking corners of the lath (wire mesh that creates a mechanical bond between the stucco mortar and the cladding) for squareness by using a level, plumb and simply eyeballing it (comparing the parallel condition of one edge in relation to the next).

Day 84 - Love to see multiple subs in motion, HVAC installer arriving as DETERING truck (construction door delivery) departs.

Day 83 - Picking up 'Supplied by Others" material at Home Depot in advance of the HVAC team.

Day 83 - A $30 temporary fence to keep everyone and everything away from the tree line. Our landscape consultant had to advise me only once that it'll cost us about $50K to replace the tree should it be damaged during construction.

Day 78 - 5.5" of open cell foam sprayed on underside of roof deck; therefore the interior is ready for HVAC & electrical rough in!!! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thru Day 76 - (Wednesday May 9)

Day 75 - Windows arrive Tuesday morning from RAM Industries, Stafford TX. Thanks Trina! 
Day 75 - Yikes, still trying to solve the window covering issue in the Master Bedroom!
Day 76 - Preparation for stucco application well underway.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thru Day 68 - (Tuesday May 1)

Day 68 - Excitedly moving beyond the framing, first (Tyvek) layer over the OSB sheathing prior to the stucco application.

Day 67 - Framing is essentially complete; the framing of the kitchen windows that double as counter backsplash is defined. (See computer image below).

Kitchen design doesn't require tiled backsplash due to use of windows.

The side windows of the house (such as the kitchen windows shown above) will have this textural pattern (a standard known as "Pattern 62") so that we're not eyeball to eyeball with our neighbors - and it alleviates us from having to figure out curtains/drapes.

Day 67 - Speaking of windows, the north-facing master bedroom framing shows the size of window unit. Window delivery is scheduled for next week!

Day 64 - Final application of the TPO roofing membrane. The less heat absorbent white color assists cooling efficiencies.

Day 63 - Installation of the roof decking insulation board. 

Day 62 - The roof has just been delivered in the form of buckets, rolls and sheets.

Day 62 - Mario and our great framing crew fixing my oversight.

Day 61 - Roof detail that I forgot to get in front of. The tiny parapet wall (on the left) should have been moved back (to the right) so it didn't add to the visual thickness of the cantilevered roof when viewed from the street. In the photo above this one, Mario and his assistant have pulled the 2xs and decking up and are moving the parapet wall. I'm thankful they are patient; I do try to stay in front of them to prevent minimal rework (and maintain credibility).

Day 60 - It occurs to me that at times like this a truck would be awesome!

Computer model image showing the light shelves/fur down in the clerestory. The shelf will hold lights that project upwards, filling the raised section with light at night, illuminating the center of the house and stairway.

Day 58 - Similar angle photo of the raised section (raised 4' - 8" above the 10' second floor ceiling). The red marker lines in the close-up below illustrate for the framers how the shelf meets the adjacent wall (adjacent wall shown in blue in photo above).

Day 58 - Projecting the light shelf fur down construction details on the wall (making sure that I want what I'm asking for).

Day 58 - More fur down construction detail input. Since our framing team doesn't really speak english, I find it most effective to sketch out the solution.

Day 58 - Marking fur downs for the framers since they are somewhat judgement calls regarding size.

Day 57 - My onsite cubical.  :)