Friday, April 20, 2012

Thru Day 56 - (Thursday April 19)

Day 56 - The outdoor / indoor fireplace wall taking shape. I don't think I can notch the glass as shown in the computer sketch; it can be cut but not with the glass "finger" returning under the suspended hearth. Might be a good place for a cat door (under the suspended hearth).

Day 56 - Dining room window. What factored into the sizing, placement and proportion included 1) positioning it at eye level for table seating; 2) large enough (9' x 2.5') to provide the dining area with light; and 3) proportioned so when viewed from the street (see image in blog header) it appears intentional and dynamically low on the wall, rather than oddly off center. Looking closely you can tell we adjusted the header height. At least once.  :)
Day 56 - The scale of the north-facing master bedroom window, the only window in the house that requires a drape/window cover - all others have secure views. Window treatments definitely aren't my forte; this has me puzzled. Suggestions welcomed!

Day 52 - Spent most of my Sunday as laborer filling the newly delivered dumpster with the unsightly mound of scrap that previously occupied the front yard. I'd been advised to delay the dumpster delivery until the framing was virtually complete to minimize material waste. If the dumpster had been delivered when framing commenced, framers might have the tendency to grab a full piece of wood rather than retrieve a perfectly suitable scrap from the dumpster.
Day 51 - "Flat" roof. (aka 1/4" per ft slope min.)
Day 51 - I really appreciated this; a prospective roofing sub checking the revision of his drawings by pulling them up on his iPad.

Day 50 - Marcelo with Foscari Interiors, confirming measurements for kitchen cabinets. We're hoping to execute some innovative details, stay tuned!  :)

Day 48 - Fireplace wall framing, done!
Day 47 - Determining the height of the "fireplace wall." We didn't know how tall to specify it during the drawing phase and assumed that it would be best to establish the height onsite when framing was underway. A little perspective line work over a this framing photo helped define the preferred height.
Day 47 - Chance, our Structural Engineer, (RMAC Engineering, Spring TX) performing an in-progress inspection of the framing and structural integrity. Very helpful to see the critical details among the multitude of things going on.

Day 48 - Since the last post, a very demanding aspect of the past couple of weeks has been about assuring the framing is right to achieve the outcomes down the road when other elements come together. Especially critical in modern style homes is monitoring critical relationships coming together as intended: walls perfectly flush with adjacent windows frames, non-standard height countertops flush with window backsplashes without "filler" material, appliances absolutely flush with surrounding walls, tub decks flush with window sills, on and on... Love this framing pic!
Day 48 - Wow, did I ever anticipate seeing the clerestory window framing and joist placement! It felt like a monumental point in the framing progress.
Day 47 - In stark contrast to the methodical progress of the framing, the plumbers arrive for their "top out" (placing all internal wall components). While I was onsite wrapping up the electrical contract, the plumbing team swarmed the building drilling holes, running gas, water, and sewer lines - - asking few questions. Needless to say I have a punch list to review with them but will do it in a few days when we can have each others FULL attention.

Day 46 - Backyard and carport taking shape. Nothing like sensing the real space to evaluate and refine the initial landscaping ideas. (Don't ask about the capped plumbing pipe in the foreground. I should do a post someday titled "Unexpected Events and Creative Problem Solving").

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thru Day 41 (Wednesday April 4)

Day 41 - ESE view from the screened porch.

SketchUp model showing art wall, kitchen island, and door to grilling balcony (center of image); see framing in photo below.
Day 41 - The "blue art wall" that rises into the clerestory is fully framed. Clerestory def: an outside wall of a room or building that rises above an adjoining roof and contains windows.

Day 37 and Day 41 comparison (out of town for the Women's Final Four with just a touch of anxiety). As our friend Chet commented, "its simply because when you're there you know everything is going okay." 
- - Very well put Chet!
Days 36 - Stairwell and elevator openings trimmed out.
Days 36 and 37 - Final tweaks to the second floor (primary living space) framing before heading out of town. Speak now or forget it.
Computer model image of large window in Master Bath.

Day 36 - Master bath wall and large window framing being placed.
Day 36 - Second floor framing begins in the afternoon.

Day 35 - Second floor decking almost complete.